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Managed Hosting Solutions

Carefully tailored hosting solutions with watertight security and enhanced performance.

Hosting your own network, firewall, operating system and security is a major investment of both finance and time. On the other hand, if you go for outside managed hosting solutions, how sure can you be that your systems will be secure?

That depends on who you choose to manage your hosting. Tristar Tech Solutions offer solutions tailored to your needs that you can be confident will run at peak efficiency and be totally safe.

  • We look after your network, firewall and security, so you can simply use them without having to worry.
  • Our data centres are all UK based and completely secure.
  • We provide patch updates for your security and operating system at the earliest possible opportunity.
  • We can provide optimised performance tuning for all the hosting solutions we manage.

Our managed hosting solutions let you use your systems without having to worry about how they’re kept running and secure. Contact us or call 0844 939 03333 to see how Tristar Tech Solutions can offer you peace of mind.

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