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About Tristar Tech Solutions

So who are Tristar Tech Solutions? The History

At first, it was Tristar Web Solutions

Tristar Tech Solutions, a family-owned business originated as Tristar Web Solutions a full web development agency based in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire in 1999.

Tristar owned a Web print company in the United States which was a specialist type of printing process, but when the Internet arrived people were mistaking this for Web Development and the company were receiving lots of calls for web design.

With all these enquiries it was decided to hire in expertise and start Tristar Web Solutions both in the USA and the UK. Tristar Web Solutions has been creating websites now since 1999.

Initially Tristar started creating Content Manged Websites using its own proprietary software using Access and ASP, as was the norm at the beginning of time.

As time moved on Tristar continued along the Microsoft route and created a new Content Management and eCommerce solution called 'BlackBox' created within .net and SQL.

As you are fully aware in this fast changing environment the technological arena changes rapidly and with clients wanting to own their site rather licence the use of proprietary software, Tristar moved to open source solutions including WordPress, OpenCart and Magento.

Then came Tristar IT Support

Like all companies, we all need IT support Solutions and although we started off as a web agency, we were continually asked support questions that had no relationship to web development in any way!

To cap it off the level of support we were getting from external IT  Support companies was not good either!

With this in mind, we hired in expertise from the IT Support world and created a new division, Tristar Support in 2005 with an aim to offer a high quality IT support service to our existing customers, ourselves and small to medium businesses in Herts, Beds and Bucks.

Since then the IT Support team has grown and continues to support a growing number of businesses with its coverage area now including Central London and Essex.

It also continues to increase its service offering within the sector including Cloud Services.

Tristar Web Hosting

Around the year 2002, Tristar found that the external hosts that it was using to host client's sites were continually being swallowed up by larger hosting companies! To the point where was difficult to get support and find the right people to speak to provide the service required so that websites remain available 99% of the time.

With this in mind, it hired in expertise and set-up its own server base in secure hosting facilites giving 24/7 support.

Tristar Tech Solutions

All divisions now come under the same umbrella of Tristar Tech Solution so that Tristar's customers and potential customers have a full understanding of what the company can offer in looking after their full IT needs.

One point of call for all your IT Solutions!


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