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  •   Wordpress, OpenCart & Magento Cloud Hosting Packages
  •   Plesk | MySQL 5.6 | PHP 5.6 + OPCache | Daily Snapshot Back-ups
  •   Let's Encrypt SSH Key | Anti Spam Filter

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    Cloud Hosting

    We offer a number of cloud web hosting solutions with varying levels of space and data to meet your website requirements. These packages give the added flexibility of scaling up and down when the need arises.

    backup hosting

    Fully Managed Hosting Solutions

    Our fully managed hosting solutions take the worry out of your hands. We will monitor the performance, making sure your site is running and patch the server on a regular basis. We can also include varying levels of back-up with back-ups taking place at stipulated regularity.


    Specialist Ecommerce

    When it comes to eCommerce hosting, making sure that you are running your website on the right platform to cope with bandwidth, back-ups and even SEO is important. That is why we have created specialist eCommerce hosting packages for platforms such as OpenCart and Magento


    Security Focused

    Hosting solutions with the most rigorous possible focus on security.

    Web Hosting

    Tristar Tech Solutions have been providing hosting solutions for over a decade from ultra-secure servers that allow you to concentrate on your business.

    It takes a lot of time and money to set up your servers and then keep them running smoothly, and that’s time and money better put into growing your business. The obvious solution is to have your systems hosted externally, but the solutions on offer may not fit your needs — not to mention the ever-present security fears.

    Our managed hosting solutions are tailored to your requirements, rather than expecting you to fit our templates. Whether you want to run applications on Windows, Linux or Unix, our servers can accommodate them, and we provide full automated backup and recovery of data.

    We can provide you with a hosted desktop, ensuring your staff can all work from the same desktop, whether in different offices or for mobile working. We also offer Hosted Exchange, offering full synchronisation of email, calendar and contacts across all devices.

    Our servers are based in multiple data centres across the UK and exceed security requirements against both physical and cyber attack. Let us worry about the servers while you keep your business growing.


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