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More Cloud, More Hacks: 2020 Cyber Threats

Innovation is around every corner in today's technology landscape, and cloud technologies are no exception. 2020 will continue to be a year of significant industry transformation, with the cloud service market forecasted to grow by 17% this year (Gartner).

Part one of my two-part series, "More Cloud, More Hacks: Panic or 'Keep Calm and Carry On?" looked at how accelerated cloud innovation and new technologies are raising security concerns, leaving businesses at a higher risk of cyberattacks. According to new data provided to The New York Times by Emsisoft, 205,280 organizations submitted files that were hacked in a ransomware attack in 2019 — a 41% increase from 2018. The threat of attacks like this will continue to increase as hackers become increasingly savvy, and the cost to recover from ransomware is also growing at an alarming rate.

The best way for businesses to prevent cyber-attacks, in addition to bolstering their IT security practices, is through proactive practices. Recent examples of high-profile security incidents, including Microsoft's data breach in December 2019 due to a database misconfiguration, have shown that security breaches often exploit human error and human behavior rather than technical security flaws.

In this article, I will break down several geopolitical scenarios that spell out a climate for major cyber threats in 2020. Organizations must get ahead of these heightened threats while prioritizing security into every aspect of their digital operations.

Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/emilsayegh/2020/02/12/more-cloud-more-hacks-pt-2/#72da39f669b3


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