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We provide outsourced development and expertise to other agencies

We provide outsourced development and expertise to Marketing, Web Agencies and Exhibition Companies.

Tristar develops and maintains partnerships with other agencies that require additional technical expertise for additional development for their clients. Out-sourcing to a reliable expert can be a cost-effective solution. Being a UK agency you also benefit from requirements not being lost in translation, as they often are when outsourced to another country.

We love working with agencies like yours because you know the best way to serve your clients is by sourcing in the UK.

We like working with agencies with a strong skillset in brand development, marketing, and design.

We support you by becoming your “backend” resource pool with affordable rates and scalability. Now you can grow and offer development solutions without the need to hire a full-time developer.

Tristar Cost Effective Solutions

Cost Effective

A Salaried employees hourly rate may be cheaper our hourly rates but the big difference is that you only pay us when you have work, or in other words, you are paying only when you are guaranteed to make money.

Tristar Expert Team


Our team is able to bring a vast wealth of knowledge and experience to any project. Not only in web development but in other areas, like programming, design, software development, UX and SEO.

Tristar UK Team

UK Developers

Many outsourced development teams are not based in the UK. Working with a UK partner means that you can contact us during the same business hours and there are no language communication issues.

Tristar Flexible Service


If your sales pipeline is bringing in more than you can handle or you just don't have the in-house capacity or expertise, then bringing in a partner like Tristar can be the ideal solution.

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Outsourced Pricing

Pricing is on a project by project basis, depending on development requirements and negotiated agency rates. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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