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Microsoft Windows 7 Support is Ending on January 14th 2020

Microsoft End of Extended Windows 7 Support Advisory

As you may be aware the Windows 7 PC operating system is coming to the end of extended support with Microsoft on 14th January 2020.

What does that mean if you are running Windows 7?

This means Microsoft will no longer release security patches and updates for this operating systems and from the date above, your infrastructure and applications will become unprotected.

What happens at the end of support for Windows 7?

It means that from that date the following issues may or may not arise:
1. Hardware and software vendors no longer develop for these operating systems which may cause issues in the future in relation to drivers and line of business software
2. The operating system is no longer patched, updated or improved
3. Your infrastructure will be at risk to newer vulnerabilities and at risk
4. You will be in breach of your GDPR compliance.

What should I do?

We thought it wise to bring this to your attention; As Windows 7 machines are older and usually slower, this may be an appropriate time to start thinking about possibly upgrading to a newer machine.

Should you have any immediate concerns or wish to understand the implications in more detail do feel free to contact Tristar IT Support on: 0844 939 0333 or contact your existing IT Support company.