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On 8th April this year Microsoft will officially cease to support or update Window XP systems. This means that there will be no more automatic updates available. Generally speaking Microsoft provides 10 years of extended support for a Windows version, however after 11 years this support for Windows XP is ended. Computers with the operating system will still function, but the longer you leave Windows XP computers the more outdated they will become and they could be vulnerable to viruses and hackers that Microsoft security updates used to prohibit.

How do I tell what operating system I am using?
The easiest way to tell what operating system your computer uses is to look up the details on control panel. Sometimes, if you are using a laptop there will be an information label on the bottom which should detail the operating system. If the system type isn’t written anywhere on the computer then click the start button to bring up the menu. Find “control panel” on the right hand side and then select the “system” icon. Click the tab that says “general” and this will tell you which operating system your computer is using.

What happens if I don’t update my system?
Although you will still have anti-virus software running on your computer when Microsoft ends XP support, external hardware and software companies will cease to develop XP compatible versions, so once your anti-virus runs out, there may not be more available, leaving your computer vulnerable. Additionally, there will be no more Microsoft security updates which means hackers can reverse-engineer the software and therefore gain private information from your computer. Eventually, whatever anti-virus software you are using will become severely weakened because of security “patches” which will develop and not be fixed by Microsoft. Viruses and hacking can lead to leaking of confidential information, lost information or a broken computer which could have serious implications for businesses.

How do I update my system?
It is essential you update your system in order to protect your data and ensure your business continues to run smoothly. You can do this one of two ways: either update your system to a newer one or buy a whole new batch of computers with Windows 7 or 8. If you want a straight update where the system can be downloaded you have to first check that your computer is compatible with taking a newer system. Here at Tristart IT Support we can assess what your computer system is compatible with and we can install a newer version of Windows for you. We can also fully transfer all your data from your server to a brand new one, or keep the old, but ensure all information is transferred to your system. If you are looking for IT support in London for your operating system upgrade, then look no further than Tristar IT for an efficient and informative system migration.