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Article 13 how will it affect your video creativity?

The European Union is at it again in now changing copyright laws that could have a massive effect on YouTube, other Video channels, socials and your creativity in Europe.

'Article 13' is part of the European Unions new copyright directive which has been put in place to better protect creativity in finding a more effective way for creators to protect their content online.

Essentially this is a step in the right direction to help protect creative content copyright. However 'Article 13' will create a largely unintended consequence as it threatens to shut down the ability for millions of individuals and businesses in Europe to upload content to channels such as YouTube & Instagram. In addition Videos already in place will no longer be accessible to viewers in Europe.

'Article 13'  will limit and block lots of videos, music covers, video with background tracks even visuals. This will mean that YouTube and other channels will be liable for copyright of all videos you upload, have already uploaded so if they feel they infringe copyright they will block your videos instantly. In order for them to be viewable you may need to prove you own all elements of copyright in the video.

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