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VoIP Telephone Systems Services

VoIP - A cloud-hosted VoIP solution that offers cost effective and more
integrated telephone communication.

Most businesses want to have the most up-to-date IT, but too often still rely on outdated telephone systems that can’t be integrated with the rest of their technology. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) provides a means not only to link your various technologies, but also to reduce costs.

If your business is based in London, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, and Essex, Tristar Tech Solutions can supply a cloud-hosted VoIP solution that offers all this and more.

The solution includes a cloud-hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange) to integrate your telephone calls with your IT systems.

Our VoIP is simple both to set up and to administer on an ongoing basis.

Because the system is cloud hosted, the capital expenditure and running costs are lower, and it can help you reduce your carbon footprint at the same time.

Calls are up to 70% cheaper than traditional phone systems.

Calls are free between your company’s sites, including home offices.

Customer Case Study - FnX Media

Our customer is an SME within the media field responsible for delivering high quality corporate video. They specialise in B2B and their videos are used by their customers to generate more leads, turn leads into prospects and prospects into customers. Due to the nature of their business and the high growth, we identified a number of elements which were critical to their success:

  • Significant cost savings
  • More flexibility around working locations as there is travel to other locations as well as home working.
  • Flexibility around adding additional staff
  • Maintaining the same telephone numbers
  • Seamless implementation
  • High call quality

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How does VOIP work?

VoIP is a straightforward solution sending voice (telephone) signals through an internet connection instead of traditional, more expensive, telephone copper cables. Internet connections provide much faster connectivity and allow significantly more data to be sent/received which means routing telephone conversations cost less.

As with any technology solution, we are happy to check this will work seamlessly.


VoIP software is a technology that allows communication via Internet protocol rather than traditional Analog systems. Other terms commonly associated with the technology are voice over broadband (VoBB), IP communications, Internet phones, internet telephony and broadband phone service. With VoIP calling, the voice signal from your telephone is converted into a digital signal that can travel over the Internet.

VoIP in the Corporate World

Because of bandwidth efficiency and low costs, businesses are migrating to VoIP internet phones from traditional telephone systems to reduce monthly phone costs. In 2008, 80% of all new private branch exchange lines installed internationally were VoIP. The VoIP technology solutions aimed at businesses have evolved into services of unified communications that treat all communications—including phone calls, e-mail and more—as distinct units that can all be delivered through any means to any handset, including cellular phones. VoIP allows the integration of voice and data communications into a single network, creating a significant reduction in infrastructure costs.

Reliable and Affordable SIP Phones for Business

Yealink T42S

Yealink T42S

  • HD Voice technology
  • Supports up to 12 VoIP accounts
  • Headset Support
  • 6 line keys with LED
  • 3-way conference calling
yealink T46s

Yealink T46S

Same as Yealink T42S plus

  • Supports up to 16 VoIP accounts
  • 4.3" 480 x 272-pixel colour display
  • Optional onscreen corporate branding
  • 10 line keys with LED

Yealink T58

Same as Yealink T46S plus

  • 7" (1024 x 600) capacitive adjustable touchscreen
  • Optional 720p30 HD video
  • 27 touch key
  • 5-way conference calling
  • Optional video conference calling
  • Built-in Wi-Fi

Yealink DECT

  • High-performance SIP cordless phone system
  • 2.4" 240 x 320 colour screen with intuitive user interface
  • Standby time: 400 hours
  • Talk time: 30 hours
  • Indoor range: 50 meters
  • Outdoor range: 300 meters


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