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Customer Case Study - FnX Media

Our customer is an SME within the media field responsible for delivering high quality corporate video. They specialise in B2B and their videos are used by their customers to generate more leads, turn leads into prospects and prospects into customers. Due to the nature of their business and the high growth, we identified a number of elements which were critical to their success:

  • Significant cost savings
  • More flexibility around working locations as there is travel to other locations as well as home working.
  • Flexibility around adding additional staff
  • Maintaining the same telephone numbers
  • Seamless implementation
  • High call quality


As a small business growing fast, their infrastructure was minimal, their technology environment hastily thrown together and a solution which worked ‘on the road’ was necessary. Without an IT department, they also needed an implementation package that was not only seamless so they could maintain contact with their customers, it needed to be delivered quickly.

High call quality was also significant as there was simply no time for ‘lost’ calls, particularly in the media industry where small nuances during complex conversations could create significant issues. Quality was therefore extremely important.

Other elements that were useful but not essential were around the ‘look’ (within the media industry, this was an important element) and good functionality. This ranged from the ability to easily create conference calls as well as around setting up call workflows.

The Solution

After analysing the customer’s needs, Tristar was happy to provide a simple, straightforward VoIP solution consisting of five elements:

  • Telephones of the highest, possible standard allowing extremely high call quality.
  • Connecting mobiles to the telephone number meaning the flexibility to take calls from customers in any location including countries such as China where European mobile phones were not working.
  • Cost savings in excess of 70% versus standard landline rates on the calls themselves.
  • A complete, seamless implementation package which allowed the business to keep hold of its existing telephone numbers and to switch over from a traditional line to VOIP.
  • Telephone support allowing the customer to deal with any issues encountered ‘on the road’ ensuring the best, possible experience. This included assistance with adding additional users and helping them with any queries.

Included was ‘proactive monitoring’ of the cloudPBX meaning any issues could be spotted before the customer was aware. This is part of any Tristar package and remote monitoring allows for the smoothest, possible customer experience.


The key was to deliver not just VoIP phones but aftercare service and a strong, customer experience. The result was a customer delighted with all the elements within the package, able to continue growing while reducing cost and having a more flexible method of engaging with their customers which fit their business.

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